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Kentucky Farmers Bank


Kentucky Farmers Bank Joins the Louisa Community

Louisa Community Bank was closed by the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions and taken into receivership by the FDIC at 4pm on October 25, 2019.  The one branch institution was immediately reopened by Kentucky Farmers Bank (KFB), headquartered in Boyd County KY since 1931.   KFB assumed all deposits, including those that were uninsured.  April Russell Perry, CEO and Chairman of the Board, is thrilled to keep the depositors of Louisa Community Bank whole.

“My family always wanted a Louisa location, but years ago, bank branching laws prevented crossing county lines.  Until now, the closest we got to a Louisa location was when my Grandfather as President and my Father as a Director purchased a piece of property on old 23 just North of the Lawrence County line.  However, our family interest in Louisa goes back to August 15, 1895 when my Great Grandfather married Phebe Northup in Louisa.  Please be assured that our team will do everything possible to make sure this union, 124 years later, is just as rewarding to our existing and new customers.  We look forward to serving the community for many years to come.”  The Louisa office drive thru will remain open Friday evening and Saturday morning as usual.  The lobby will reopen Monday morning at 9am.


April Russell Perry

Chairman of the Board and CEO