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Kentucky Farmers Bank
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Personal Investments

Wealth Management & Brokerage Services

The Wealth Management & Brokerage staff at Kentucky Farmers Bank looks forward to giving you and your beneficiaries the same individual service and personal attention that KFB has been known for since 1931. To schedule an appointment and further discuss our services please call us at (606) 929-5000.

In order to meet some objectives, there may be legal restrictions to consider. KFB strongly recommends that you seek legal counsel when writing a will or a trust. We hope you find the site informative and educational.

investment management accounts

Kentucky Farmers Bank offers the same investment management services for Personal Agency Accounts as it does for Personal Trust Accounts, IRA's, and Estates. These services are for the individual that is presently seeking experienced stock and bond investment management or mutual fund selection through KFB.

As the investment manager, KFB will generally perform the following duties for you:

  • Accept possession of your assets
  • Accept the transfer of your 401(k) or other retirement plan distributions
  • Provide safekeeping for the assets
  • Collect income and payments due the account
  • Settle, buy and sell investments at KFB's discretion according to the objectives established for your account
  • Meet with you periodically to review performance and objectives
  • Provide periodic statements of account activities
  • Provide tax information on account activities

Custody only & self-directed accounts

Kentucky Farmers Bank offers custody only services for personal accounts, employee benefit accounts, etc. This service is for the individual who wants assistance in the clerical work associated with managing assets but wants to make his or her own investment decisions. As custodian, KFB will exercise no investment management or advisory responsibilities for your account and will be generally limited to performing the following duties:

  • Accepting possession of your assets
  • Accepting the transfer of your 401(k) or other retirement plan distributions
  • Providing safekeeping for the assets
  • Collecting income and payments due the account
  • Providing periodic statements of account activities
  • Providing tax information on account activities
  • Settling, buying and selling investments at the your direction


Kentucky Farmers Bank can be appointed as guardian by a court to care for the property of a minor, an incompetent, a spendthrift, or other incapacitated person. A guardian is an agent of the court and has no legal or equitable title to the ward's property. The guardian receives, holds and manages the property, and renders accounting to the court as long as the ward is a minor or the incompetency lasts.

Kentucky Farmers Bank is available to act as "agent" for a named guardian. As agent, KFB would relieve or assist the guardian in carrying out their duties.

Investment management agency accounts, trust accounts, estate accounts, custodian and guardianship accounts are not FDIC Insured, have no bank guarantee, and may lose value.

Neither Kentucky Farmers Bank, nor its employees practice estate or tax law. Professional counsel is recommended for tax and estate planning.

The information contained in this site is meant to be for educational and informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a representation, recommendation, or endorsement of any investment plan, estate plan, or security.